день родителей
This year, World Parents Day, which has been celebrated annually for seven years at the UN on June 1, will open an entire month devoted to parents. It is held for the first time, and the initiator was the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF). The goal of both the Day and the month is to emphasize the role of parents in raising children and encourage governments to give them full support.
 UNICEF emphasizes that in the first years of a child’s life, his brain develops at an incredible speed — every second more than a million new neural connections are formed. During this unique period, the most important abilities of the child are laid out - to learn, to develop and, ultimately, to contribute to the life of society. To do this, each child needs good nutrition, attention and stimulation from parents or other caregivers. And parents need time: just to be with the baby, feed him, play, introduce him to the outside world.
But not everyone can afford to devote so much time to the child - not all employers provide adequate leave to care for a child, fathers can use it even less often. Not everywhere, parents are allowed to work in a more flexible mode or remotely. The Children's Fund is convinced that investment in family support programs will pay off with interest.
In UNICEF, they intend to bring the concerns, problems and demands of parents to decision-makers during the first “parent month”. Thus, in Moldova, with the support of the United Nations Children's Fund, a photo exhibition entitled “Popes in the delivery room” was organized in the Parliament. And in Kazakhstan they intend to devote a whole year to the topic of supporting parents. Every month, famous figures will, in their Instagram, offer parents tasks and publish information on parenting.

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