Healthy soil is a pledge of the future without hunger. In the meantime, every five seconds, erosion erodes land by an area equal to one football field. This is reported from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

On May 15-17, the Global Soil Erosion Symposium will be held at FAO headquarters in Rome. Participants will discuss specific measures to minimize soil erosion and land restoration.
To date, one third of the entire soil cover of the Earth has suffered from erosion, sealing and salinization, leaching of organic matter, acidification, pollution, soil compaction and other negative processes.
One of the main threats to the soil is erosion. It is about the destruction of the upper fertile layer by water, wind or as a result of intensive agrotechnical treatment. Some of the soil erosion occurs naturally in all climates and on all continents. But the main cause of erosion is the result of human activity.
Rapid soil erosion is fraught with dangerous consequences for all, especially when you consider that the formation of one centimeter of topsoil takes about a thousand years.
“If we don’t take action right now, then by 2050 more than 90 percent of the planet’s soil cover will be degraded,” they warn in the FAO.

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