Every year, millions of people become infected with infectious diseases, seeking medical help. Half of these infections can be prevented if all physicians maintain proper hand hygiene. This is reminded in the World Health Organization (WHO). On May 5, WHO annually launches the campaign “Save human lives: keep your hands clean”

“Everyone has the right to ensure that medical care does not turn into a threat to their health,” be it in a field hospital, in a nursing home, or in a modern operating room equipped with the latest technology. Hand washing is a seemingly elementary procedure, but it is an important part of the general system of prevention ..., ”recalls the WHO European Bureau.
The most common infections that patients become infected in hospitals, clinics and first-aid posts are urinary tract infections and postoperative wounds, pneumonia and blood infections. Out of every 100 hospitalized patients, at least 7 in developed countries and 10 in developing countries were infected with any kind of infection in the hospital.
“Adequate hand hygiene is the primary means of preventing infections and controlling them,” said Dorit Nitzan of WHO. She added that hygiene for medical care saves lives and prevents antimicrobial resistance.

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