The Security Council adopted a resolution that states that it is necessary to complete an investigation without a sexual offense, strengthen the investigation mechanism and provide comprehensive assistance to women and girls who have been victims of sexual violence. 13 Security Council members voted in favor, China and Russia abstained.


According to Christoph Heusgen, the adoption of the document was a “landmark event.” In particular, the crucial issue is the need to prosecute the perpetrators of sexual offenses and the full support of their victims. Council members provide a range of measures. They also paid attention to the positive situation of women born as a result of violence. However, as Heusgen said, a number of provisions were excluded from the project of the “single state”, in particular, the provision concerning the necessary services for women in the field of reproductive health - these are right-wing women who have terminated an unwanted pregnancy.

The Security Council also demanded sanctions against the perpetrators.

The Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN, Vasily Heavenly, said that a direct meeting was taking place in Moscow "for the elimination of this disgusting war crime." "Any kind of violence against civilians in wartime is absolutely unacceptable," said the Russian diplomat. In the same article, he states that the original draft resolution submitted by Germany contained "unacceptable provisions": "In accordance with the document to be provided by the Peace and Security Council, all the necessary powers are given regarding sexual relations in conflict." According to the Russian president, it was not possible to block the adoption of the document.

“To warn Vasily Nebenzya,” warns Vasily Nebenzya. It must be eradicated. We can not afford to use sexual violence in a conflict, manipulate it. We are responsible to the PC community. ”

However, the majority of participants in today's meeting, which is attended by UN Secretary-General Anthony Guterres, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, Nobel Peace Prize laureates, lawyer Amal Clooney, co-founder and leader of the Libyan women's movement, Inas Miloud believes he will help protect women from violence and achieve their justice.

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