Gender inequality in the health system remains a serious problem. Women make up 70 per cent of all staff in hospitals, clinics, health centres and health posts. But at the same time they occupy only 25 percent of senior positions in this area.

This is reported by the World Health Organization (who). Its experts believe that this gender imbalance in decision-making positions is due to stereotypes, discrimination and inequality. Often cultural labels of "male" and "female" roles do not allow women to climb the career ladder.

Women doctors also face unequal pay: the gap between men and women is on average about 25 per cent higher than in other areas.

By 2030, approximately 40 million new jobs will be needed in the health sector. WHO calls for the gender imbalance in medicine to be kept in mind when filling them and to take decisive measures to eliminate it. If this is not done, equality will be achieved only in 200 years.


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