Representatives of more than 150 countries, international and public organizations, as well as private companies gathered in Rome to discuss the latest achievements of science to protect plants from pests. 

In the context of globalization and technological development, when international trade has reached unprecedented proportions, plant protection is of particular relevance. The fact is that pests dangerous for plants "travel" with goods and people, mastering more and more territory, and climate change often allows them to settle in a new place. Plants are defenseless against the invasion of pests, especially "alien". The death of plants leads to the loss of food, threatens biological diversity and creates a barrier for the international trade.

As early as 1951, the sixth Conference of the Food and agriculture organization of the United Nations (FAO) adopted the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC). It is an international agreement that helps to protect cultivated and wild plants. As of 2017, 188 countries were members of the Convention.