Recently, the advertising industry has been using very aggressive techniques against children and adolescents, affecting them through social networks and difficult to control mobile devices. The World Health Organization calls for a greater oversight of the Internet alcohol, tobacco and unhealthy food marketing.

In 2010 were adopted WHO recommendations on child-oriented advertising. However, the younger generation continues to be exposed to online marketing mechanisms for unhealthy food, tobacco and alcohol. Meanwhile, smoking, alcohol addiction and poor nutrition lead to the development of serious diseases, including obesity. In this regard, WHO believes that states should monitor online advertising more attentively.

Today, children spend more and more time on the Internet, including social networks, and therefore they are increasingly exposed to digital marketing. However, so far too few studies have been conducted to provide an idea of children's behaviour in the digital space and its impact on their preferences.

The authors of the report urge to develop and start using special tools to monitor the impact of digital marketing on children as soon as possible.


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