The UN body focussing on crime prevention and criminal justice, opened its annual session in Vienna on Monday, calling for a more integrated global response to continuing and emerging challenges, including cybercrime.

“Cybercrime is an area in which there is much work to do and no time to waste,” Mr. Guterres said.

“New technologies, including big data and analytics, artificial intelligence and automation, are ushering in a transformative era, sometimes called the fourth industrial revolution,” he added, explaining that despite the benefits such progress brings, it also enables new forms of crime.

“Cybercrime is estimated to generate some $1.5 trillion in revenue per year. And as with most crime, it targets the most vulnerable,” he said, stressing the need for a major collective effort to ensure that these technologies are used for everyone’s benefit.

Over the coming days, the session will discuss resolutions addressing crime prevention and criminal justice in the context of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development; preventing and countering human trafficking; access to legal aid and restorative justice, among other challenges.

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