The Government of the Republic of Tajikistan will host a High Level International Conference “Water for Life” 9–10 June 2015 in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. The primary goal of the Conference is to facilitate a comprehensive discussion on the implementation of the International Decade for Action “Water for Life”, 2005–2015.


In support of an International High–Level Conference “Water for Life” Dushanbe Tajikistan

The Government of the Republic of Tajikistan will host a High Level International Conference “Water for Life” 9–10 June 2015 in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. The primary goal of the Conference is to facilitate a comprehensive discussion on the implementation of the International Decade for Action “Water for Life”, 2005–2015.

The conference provides an opportunity to discuss the successes and challenges of the International Decade. Recommending further actions to be taken after 2015, the conference will contribute to future discussions on the Sustainable Development Goals related to water sanitation and hygiene (WASH).[1]

UNICEF has been officially requested by the Government of Tajikistan to co–convene a pre–conference event: Children’s WASH Forum: Every Child, Everywhere – Universal Access to Safe and Sustainable Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, 6–8 June 2015.

This Forum will provide opportunities for adolescents to learn and share their ideas on how to achieve WASH for all children, everywhere, in all phases of life: at home, in the community, and in school. They will be invited to apply their unconventional sources of knowledge, perspective and collaborative spirit to think creatively and explore practical solutions.

This Call for Participation is an invitation to civil society, governments and schools working with young people to nominate adolescent–candidates for selection as “Young Delegates” to participate in the two following events:

1.    The Children’s WASH Forum: Every Child, Everywhere — Universal Access to Safe and Sustainable WASH from 6–8 June 2015;

2.    The High–Level International Conference ‘Water for Life”: The same young delegates will participate in and observe the High Level Conference 9–10 June.

This Call for Participation is for young delegates from Central Asian Countries as well as selected countries from the world regions.

The two respective events provide an opportunity for the Young Delegates to:

·         Learn about issues related to WASH;

·         Contribute to the global discourse on WASH promoting access to WASH in all phases of life, including home, community and school and emergencies; and

·         Contribute to ensuring that WASH services are accessible and sustainable, contributing to inclusive societies.

How to progressively eliminate existing inequalities in access to WASH services will be a central part of the Children’s Forum. Having increased their capacity to understand and respond to WASH issues, the Young Delegates will then share their ideas with to the wider international community. Their views will be presented through:

·         Development of a Call to Action – a statement representing the views of adolescents and advocating for specific actions and changes by policymakers around the world;

·         Development and dissemination of reportage — including interviews with experts, government representatives and young people, stories, blogs, videos, photos, “tweets,” etc. for publication in the media, through social networks, etc.

Criteria for Young Delegates – The Criteria used to select Young Delegates proposes that they:

·         Be 12 to 18 years of age;

·         Have a strong interest and direct experience related to the promotion, implementation and or advocacy for WASH (and how WASH relates to public health, dignity, primary education, gender, climate change, disaster risk reduction and similar issues).

·         Have experience educating or helping other children and adolescents understand WASH issues; 

·         Have a solid understanding and experience of issues related to children and young people in their country;

·         Are part of existing peer groups and who can feed back their experiences, and propose ways of action to other children when they return after the conference;

·         Be fluent in English and Russian. The meetings will be conducted in English and Russian, with interpretation available throughout.  Participants should speak at least one of these languages;

·         Have experience as journalists, writers/bloggers, public speakers and/or video/film makers; 

·         Participate in the Children’s WASH Forum 6–8 June 2015;

·         Participate in the Global Conference 9–10 June 2015.  Young delegates may be given opportunities to speak, address specific sessions as panelists, interview conference dignitaries as “young journalists,” present videos produced, write and publish blogs or otherwise participate in conference sessions (tbc); 

·         Young delegates under 18 must be accompanied by an adult responsible for supporting the youth delegate during the Children’s Forum (6–8 June) and Global Conference (9–10 June.)  

Organizations nominating young delegates – Organizations asked to nominate candidates include government ministries, civil society organizations/NGOs, secondary schools and universities and other organizations with experience working on WASH issues.  Nominees are requested to complete the attached Application, Motivation Letter, Parental/Guardian form (if under 18), and Chaperone form (if under 18). The UNICEF and partners selection committee will the adolescents for inclusion in the 6–8 June Children’s WASH Forum and 9–10 June High Level Conference. All events will take place in Dushanbe, Tajikistan with support from UNICEF and the Government of Tajikistan. 

Expected post–conference follow–up – Chosen candidates are expected to have strong links to national, regional and/or international networks of children/adolescents/young people involved in WASH and/or similar activities. Chosen candidates will be expected to make a long–term commitment to advocate through these networks during and after the Children’s WASH Forum and the High Level Conference.  They will be asked to follow–up after the Conference with specific work/actions that will advance what they learned at the Conference and promote the strengthening of equitable WASH in their respective countries and communities.  They will be expected to communicate with UNICEF after the High Level Conference about what they have done.

Expenses – UNICEF will cover all expenses related to the Conference and Children’s Forum.  This will include airfare, visa requirements, lodging, meals and incidental expenses.

Working languages — The Meeting will be conducted in English and Russian with interpretation available throughout. 


Travel costs, accommodation and meals will be provided and paid for in full. Full details will be provided in a Meeting Administrative Note, prior to the event.   


Participants are requested to have their own accident, civil liability and health insurance for the duration of travel and both events (Children’s Forum and the High Level Conference). Health insurance is not provided and any costs incurred will not be reimbursed by the organizers. All participants are also strongly advised to purchase private travel insurance.

Supervising Chaperone

All adolescents under the age of 18 will be expected to be accompanied by a parent or a trusted and responsible adult guardian. Travel and accommodation for chaperones will be provided.  Completion of Participant consent forms is required for ALL participants.  Completion of Chaperone and Parental Consent forms is required for ALL participants under the age of 18. 

To apply, kindly complete the following steps:

1.    Complete the Application Form A: General Information, attached.

2.    Complete Application Form B: Motivation letter. Explain to us briefly why you would like to participate in the Children’s Forum and/or High Level Conference on WASH and how you will apply the knowledge and skills you acquire upon return to your home country.

3.    Complete Application Form C: Permission Letter. All participants must complete this form even if you are over the age of 18.

4.    Only if you are under the age of 18, complete Application Form D: Designation of chaperone.

All Forms are attached to this note and should be completed and sent to UNICEF Country Office in Belarus, attention Nadzeya Lukina, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a copy to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 22 May 2015.




Please submit this application form, along with forms B, C and D (if you are under 18) by  8 May 2015 

1.    Name and surname   
2.    Date of Birth   
3.    City and country   
4.    National Passport: Passport number: 
5.    Gender   
6.    Personal phone   
7.    Personal email address   
8.    Are you currently enrolled in school or university?               Yes                                 No
If no, how many years of education have you completed? 1) 4 years or less2) 5–9 years3) 10–15 years4) More than 15 years5) I have never been to school 
9.    Preferred language of communication   
10.  Second language of communication   
11.  How comfortable are you communicating in your second language? 1)    Fluent2)    Very Comfortable but not fluent3)    Comfortable but sometimes have difficulty understanding or speaking4)    Not very comfortable and frequently have difficulty understanding or speaking 
12.  What kind of place do you live in? 1)    I live in the capital city2)    I live in a big city that is not the capital3)    I live in a small or medium sized town4)    I live in a rural village 
13.  Do you have difficulty walking? (circle one) 1)    No difficulty2)    Some difficulty3)    A lot of difficulty4)    Cannot do at all
14.  Do you have difficulty hearing? (circle one) 1)    No difficulty2)    Some difficulty3)    A lot of difficulty4)    Cannot do at all
15.  Do you have difficulty speaking and communicating? (circle one) 1)    No difficulty2)    Some difficulty3)    A lot of difficulty4)    Cannot do at all
16.  Do you have difficulty seeing visual presentations? (circle one) 1)    No difficulty2)    Some difficulty3)    A lot of difficulty4)    Cannot do at all
17.  If you have difficulty with any of the above, what kind of assistance will you need in order to participate   
18.  Are you working for a youth–led or youth–serving organization?               Yes                                 No
     If so, please describe the work that your organization does and how you contribute to the organization        
19.  Do you have previous experience working on WASH or Environmental–related projects?               Yes                                No
If so, please describe the relevant projects that you have worked on       
20.  Do you have previous experience working on social change projects?               Yes                                No
If so, please describe the projects that you have worked on        
21.  Do you have accident, civil liability and health insurance *required Yes                                No




Please write one page in response to the following questions: 

a)    Tell us about yourself, your interests, hobbies, studies, etc.

b)    Why would you like to attend these meetings?

c)    How is your background and experience relevant to the topic of these meetings?  

d)    How will you apply the skills and knowledge you gain from the meetings to contribute to improving WASH and/or environmental and social development of your country when you return? 











UNICEF Dushanbe WASH Children’s Forum (6–8 June) & Global Conference (9–10 June) 2015

I (names of parent/guardian): _________________________ give my consent for my
(circle one) son/daughter/ward whose name is (name of child)_______________________,
born on (date of birth of child)___________________________, Passport No. (Passport No. of child)________________________, to travel to Dushanbe, Tajikistan from 5–11 June 2014 to participate in meetings related to/and the Global Conference on WASH and related events.  I understand that UNICEF assumes no responsibility for my child/ward (name of child) ________________________ or for any injury or loss sustained to my child/ward (name of child) _______________________ arising out of or related to his/her participation in the Meetings/Events named above.  I affirm that I have read and understand this document and that I have full authority to give the consent provided for in this document. I affirm that I give my permission for my child/ward to participate in with the UNICEF Global Conference on WASH and related events in Dushanbe, Tajikistan from 5–11 June 2015.


 Name of Child:    
 Full Name of Parent/Guardian:   
 Signature of Parent/Guardian:   
 **Please attach copy of proof of insurance for your child. This is required forparticipation.  



I appoint (name of chaperone)________________________ to be responsible for my son/daughter/ward (name of child) _________________________ during this trip. My child/ward will travel in the company of (name of chaperone) _____________________, Passport No. (Passport No. of chaperone) _________________________, to participate in the UNICEF Global Conference on WASH and related Children’s Forum to be held in Dushanbe, Tajikistan from 6–8 June and 9–10 June 2015 (5–11 June with travel dates.)  In particular, I authorize (name of chaperone) _________________________to make decisions concerning any emergency medical treatment for my/our son/daughter/ward (name of child) _________________________which may be required during this trip. I affirm that arrangements for medical insurance to cover our son/daughter/ward during this trip have been made or will be made, in consultation with the appropriate parties/authorities in the country in which my son/daughter/ward lives.

Name of Child:   
Full Name of Parent/Guardian:   
Signature of Parent/Guardian:   
By signing here I agree to the responsibilities described above for chaperones and I have read and agree to the terms described in the Code of Conduct (following page).
Full name of Chaperone   
Signature of Chaperone   
Full Address of Chaperone    
Please attach copy of proof of insurance for the chaperone. This is required for participation. 


It is important for the accompanying adults/facilitators in contact with children to:

·         Be aware of situations which may present risks and manage these

·         Ensure that a culture of openness exists to enable any issues or concerns to be raised and discussed.

·         Ensure that a sense of accountability exists between staff so that poor practice or potentially abusive behaviour does not go unchallenged.

In general it is inappropriate to:

·         Spend excessive time alone with children away from others

·         Take children to places where they will be alone with the chaperone/facilitator

·         The accompanying adult/facilitator must never:

o   Hit or otherwise physically assault or physically abuse children

o   Develop physical/sexual relationships with children

o   Develop relationships with children which could in any way be deemed exploitative or abusive

o   Act in ways that may be abusive or may place a child at risk of abuse. The accompanying adult/facilitator must avoid actions or behaviour that could be construed as poor practice or potentially abusive. For example,

They should never:

·         Use language, make suggestions or offer advice which is inappropriate, offensive or abusive

·         Behave physically in a manner which is inappropriate or sexually provocative

·         Have a child/children with whom they are working to stay overnight in the adult’s room

·         Do things for children of a personal nature that they can do for themselves

·         Condone, or participate in, behaviour of children which is illegal, unsafe and abusive

·         Act in ways intended to shame, humiliate, belittle or degrade children, or otherwise perpetrate any form of emotional abuse

·         Discriminate against, show differential treatment, or favour particular child(ren) to the exclusion of others

[1] More information on the High Level Conference can be found on More information on the proposed Sustainable Development Goals for WASH can be found here:

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