During 2019-2020 the UN Women Europe and Central Asia Regional Office (ECARO) is marking the 25th anniversary of the Fourth World Conference on Women and adoption of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action.

21On this occasion, UN Women ECARO is developing a regional collection of tales inspired by historical and fictional female figures from Europe and Central Asia who represent an important part of their country’s heritage: historical narratives to inspire and provide lessons from the past, and fictional tales to expand the imaginative potential of what might be possible. The collection will celebrate strong females and seeks to inspire girls to realize their full potential and become responsible citizens contributing to the development and welfare of their respective societies. The tales will also enable girls to succeed by expanding their horizons of expectation while at the same time providing boys with a range of examples of strong women so that they too imagine a world of greater gender equality.

What’s Different and Why We Need You

UN Women is seeking submissions for a collection of narratives featuring stories about inspirational women and girls that is directed at an audience of young readers. The submissions will ‘recover’ silenced voices and forgotten historical and fictional females from Europe and Central Asia. These narratives will encourage young readers to develop a sense of gender equality and become agents of change by providing stories of the accomplishments of women and girls and their positive contributions to their communities and society.

We invite and encourage a wide range of contributors - authors and teachers, historians, journalists, young children, members from civil society and youth groups, mothers and fathers - anyone with a story to tell of women and girls who have made a meaningful impact.

Our hope is that these tales of females who have made a differences will serve to demonstrate the many ways in which today’s women and girls, and men and boys can dismantle gender norms and biases and create more equal and empowering societies for the current and next generations.

The collection will be launched at a series of regional and global platforms and events across the Europe and Central Asia region during 2020 as part of the worldwide 25th Anniversary of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action.

Submission and Selection Process

  1. Submissions should be in the form of an abstract/synopsis, and a maximum of 200 words
  2. Submissions should be inspired by known and forgotten historical and fictional female figures from Europe and Central Asia
  3. Submissions should include a short Cover Letter introducing the character and reason for selection
  4. The overall tone of submissions should be ‘hopeful’, for the possibilities of the future, and targeted towards young readers
  5. Submissions should be inspirational but not unrealistic: that is, they should not deny the existence of gender inequality even as they demonstrate the potential to persist and at times prevail
  6. All submissions will be reviewed by a Review Committee
  7. The first phase of the selection process will be a review of abstracts/synopses
  8. Those selected to contribute based on their abstracts/synopses will be invited to contribute their full submissions
  9. Upon final selection, an author will work with contributors to complete the final drafts

Terms and Conditions for Submissions

  • Open to all - all ages, genders and professions
  • Whilst preference is for submissions to be in English, they can also be made in the following regional languages: Turkish, Russian, French, Spanish, Albanian and Serbian
  • Entry can be a traditional narrative - i.e., one in circulation within the community, or it may be a newly-authored narrative
  • Narratives must be female-centered - historical or fictional women and girls, well-known or forgotten females who have made a difference
  • Plagiarism and copyright infringement at any stage of the process will lead to automatic disqualification
  • The Review Committee’s decisions are final at each stage

Submission Dates

  1. Abstract/synopsis (200 words max) and a Cover Letter by Monday 30 September 2019
  2. Notification of selection by Tuesday 15 October 2019
  3. Full submission of 1st draft by Friday 15 November 2019

Please submit your abstracts/synopsis to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.and in the subject header clearly indicate “Fairy Tales”

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