On 21 September, the day when the UN Youth Climate Summit opened in New York, the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus, the National Arts Centre for Children and Youth, and the United Nations in the Republic of Belarus announced the kickoff of the VII International Children’s Drawing Contest entitled, “The Children of Planet Earth are Friends.”

One of the most important goals of the contest, in which students of high schools, supplementary education institutions for children and youth, and individuals aged 4-16 years take part, is to highlight environmental problems and the importance of careful attitude towards nature.

Contest hosts expect that its participants will do their best to reflect by means of artistic images the problems caused by climate change and also, to show what we can do to protect the nature.

The works submitted for participation in the contest should not only introduce the unique diversity of the planet’s wildlife and the abundance of fauna and flora, and demonstrate natural and climatic characteristics of their countries, but also to reveal the impact of human activities on climate change on our planet.

The most important task of the young artists will be to reflect the activities of every individual and state in addressing the problem of climate change by means of carbon emission reduction, efficient energy use, search for alternative energy sources, and careful attitude towards nature.

More information about the VII International Children’s Drawing Contest “The Children of Planet Earth are Friends,” can be found here.

Young leaders from every corner of the globe meet on Saturday, 21 September, in New York to introduce their climate solutions and discuss the most important issue the humankind faces  today with the world leaders.  Belarusian representative at the Summit is Irina Ponedelnik, the young climate champion from Belarus.

UN Youth Climate Summit is a platform enabling youth leaders who promote initiatives aimed at combating climate change to showcase and propose their solutions to the UN and also, to have an in-depth dialogue with decision makers on this most pressing issue in the world today.

The all-day agenda of the Youth Summit provides for a series of events, in which youth activists, innovators, entrepreneurs, and reformers willing to struggle against climate change at the pace and scale necessary to solve the problem will take part.  Young leaders and organizations will be requested to showcase their achievements in all the focus areas of the UN Climate Change Summit agenda.

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