Volunteers are changing the world, infecting it with their desire to help, share enthusiasm and make the world a better place. Recently, the volunteers recruitment campaign for the II European games 2019 has finally ended. It has become the most grandiose in the history of the volunteer movement in Belarus - more than 8,000 people will be volunteers at the upcoming sports event in June.

According to the Head of the Department for work with volunteers of the Fund "Directorate of the II European games 2019", Nadezhda Anisovets, the results of the volunteer program are really impressive:

-  24168 applications of candidates from 106 countries of the world were submitted. For the even we needed 8 thousand volunteers plus 700 people – for the reserve. Volunteers will work in 34 functional areas. And they will bworknot only in Minsk at the venues of the Games, but also in other Belarusian cities: in regional fan zones, as well as at checkpoints across the state border, where they will help guests, athletes and fans.

Volunteers of the Games are already actively training, both general and functional. As a non-profit partner in social heritage, the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) in Belarus is also involved in the training and education of volunteers. In February, a creative seminar for volunteers and organizations interested in activating the volunteer movement in the country was held in Minsk. The event was supported by the UNICEF global volunteers office in New York and the UNICEF National Committee in the UK. Among the participants of the workshop were not only the team and volunteers of UNICEF, but also the Directorate of the European Games, the Belarusian Football Federation, sports executive committees, the School of Olympic reserve.


And now UNICEF is actively involved in the preparation of online training, after which volunteers will be able to learn not only about the activities and priorities of UNICEF, but also about the principles of inclusion in sports. As part of the training, young people will be trained to work at events with a mass gathering of people: how to react in certain situations and act in them.

- We are proud that UNICEF is a non-profit partner of the European games. The activation of the volunteer movement can become the legacy of the Games, which will remain with us for many years. We are confident that the enthusiasm of volunteers will inspire young people across the country to participate in other interesting social development activities. – said Dana Podmolikova, international advisor on sport for development of the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF).

We hope that the UNICEF participation before and during the Games will help to overcome stigma against children with disabilities and to prove that sport is not just about medals. Sport is a game and participation that is available to everyone.



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