At the 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly the delegation of Belarus will continue aligning its work with the Agenda 2030 and promote its priorities in accordance with relevant national initiatives pertaining to peace and security, sustainable development, justice and partnership.


In 2017, the President of Belarus voiced the need to construct a new world order that would be appropriate for the realities of today. To this end, Belarus will continue to advocate for a global peace-making process, which, first and foremost, should involve dialogue and agreement among great powers.  

Belarus will continue working with all interested partners on some acute emerging threats and challenges posed to sustainable development and human dignity. We are keen to continue supporting efforts aimed at enhancing the international framework on countering terrorism. In particular, we see the need to address the issue of how innovative technologies, such as the Internet, social media platforms and the “darknet” are used to spread hatred and radicalization conducive to terrorism. Moreover, Belarus will work to prevent the misuse of emerging technologies of artificial intelligence, robotics and bioengineering by terrorists and their supporters.

Belarus will continue promoting the idea of providing adequate protection to civilians in conflict situations. In this regard Belarus will focus on raising awareness on the status of language professionals working in conflict situationsand on the need to ensure their protection. Belarus attaches great importance to celebrating the International Translation Day (September 30).


Belarus will work with the international community to speed up the implementation of the SDGs. Building on the outcomes of the Regional SDG Coordination Leaders Forum, held in Belarus in February 2018, Belarus will work on the creation of a UN partner network of national SDGs coordinators as a mechanism to assist countries in their sustainable development.

Belarus will continue to advocate for the interests of middle-income countries (MICs). We plan to take an active part in the UN General Assembly high-level meeting on MICs (October 2, 2018). Belarus hopes that the meeting will end up with practical suggestions for a UN strategy of cooperation with these countries.

Belarus will enhance its attention to the issues of nuclear safety, nuclear security and nuclear non-proliferation. We will support initiatives that serve to strengthen relevant regimes in a consistent manner and that are based on existing international agreements.

As an advanced newcomer into the field of peaceful nuclear energy, Belarus views nuclear power as a vital element in its national energy mix, essential to the effective promotion of sustainable development.


Belarus will support a constructive and consensus-based approach to promoting social progress and development, and ideals of peace, humanity, justice and solidarity enshrined in the UN Charter.

Belarus will pay particular attention to the issues of sport. In the run up to the Second European Games, which Belarus is to host in June 2019, we will do our utmost to advance the ideals of sport, as well as advocate for the need to restore fair play and fair judgement in sport.

Belarus has a strong interest in raising at the United Nations some topics that had a particular impact on the development of its society in the past. Specifically, together with interested partners Belarus will continue to raise awareness on a number of issues related to the legacy of World War II.

Belarus will continue to uphold universally recognized human rights on the basis of a constructive and respectful dialogue and with due regard to specific national contexts.

Belarus will strongly oppose all country-specific human rights resolutions and mandates in the Third Committee, which we view as tools for political pressure and divisiveness.

Belarus will continue to give priority attention to the issue of fighting human trafficking in its various forms and manifestations, including in the context of the implementation of the UN Global Plan of Action to Combat Trafficking in Persons. As the main sponsor of an omnibus UNGA resolution “Improving the coordination of efforts against trafficking in persons” Belarus will continue its principled engagement in this area, including in close partnership with the Interagency Coordination Group against Trafficking in Persons (ICAT) and relevant non-governmental organizations.

Belarus will actively participate in the process related to the implementation of General Assembly resolution on repositioning of the UN development system. We will seek to ensure that the UN development system preserves its primary focus on providing assistance to Member States in order to support their sustainable development.

Belarus will engage in the process of strengthening the UN General Assembly and making its role more relevant in tackling global threats and challenges. Belarus will continue to advocate for better performance by the UN Secretariat in addressing needs and requests by UN Member States, including by means of arranging relevant dialogues on a permanent basis.

Belarus will support constructive efforts aimed at strengthening and promoting the international treaty framework.

Belarus will continue working to strengthen the potential of like-minded groups in bridging global divides and streamlining the United Nations agenda, with a special focus on the work of the following Groups of Friends:

  • Group of Friends United against Human Trafficking;
  • Group of Friends of the Family;
  • Like-Minded Countries Supporters of Middle Income Countries;
  • Group of Friends of Water;
  • Group of Friends of Sustainable Industrial Development.

On the margins of the substantive part of the 73rd UNGA session Belarus will take the lead in organizing the following events:

Thematic discussions:

  • Ministerial thematic panel discussion on SDGs in the context of sustainable development and sustaining peace;
  • ICAT briefing to Member States on its activities;
  • Thematic panel discussion on family and development issues;
  • “Power of One” Awards event (Diwali event).


  • photo exhibition with a focus on language professionals working in peacekeeping operations and peacebuilding missions;
  • photo exhibition dedicated to renowned Belarusian sportsmen and sportswomen who made a significant contribution to sport;
  • art exhibition dedicated to the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the Minsk Ghetto Extermination.

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