The manual has been prepared by a team of experts and published within the framework of the "Small Towns" UNDP project. The handbook consists of two parts "Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship" and "Legal Issues" and is also supported with additional materials in electronic form (psychological tests, templates of business plan, checklists etc).

The first part of the handbook sets out the basic steps to create your own business - from a business idea to a business plan – and focuses on marketing as a defining part of business success. It is written in simple language, supported with examples relevant for small and medium-sized towns in Belarus and illustrated with tables and graphics.

The legal part of the manual highlights the most important legal aspects and risks for start-up entrepreneurs, including the novels of legislation in the field of entrepreneurship. Special attention is paid to the conditions of economic activity in small and medium-sized cities.

Materials of the handbook were used during the practical seminars for business trainers held by the "Small Towns" project across Belarus and received positive feedback from participants.

The handbook with the electronic annex is available online.

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