Representatives of civil society, non-governmental organizations, academia and businesses, international organizations discussed partnership options for achieving the 2030 Agenda at today’s breakfast with Marianna Schetkina, the National Coordinator on Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals.

Marianna Schetkina: "We have completely worked out a system of interaction with local authorities. Parliamentary cooperation is created. Today, another important event is taking place: involving public and commercial organizations and businesses in the overall process. After all, without these partners, the SDGs cannot be achieved".

UNDP Deputy Resident Representative Zack Taylor: "The recent parliamentary hearings on the achievement of the SDGs demonstrated the high interest of the Belarusian authorities in involving civil society to this work. We have a big international forum on SDGs coming in February. Bearing in mind these events, the decision to establish a partnership group for sustainable development is important and timely". 

Chairman of the Republican Federation of Entrepreneurship Vladimir Karyagin stressed the importance of the adopted Decree of President No. 7 in the achievement of the SDGs: "The decree has a huge impact on the situation associated with sustainable development. This is both effective employment and the solution of environmental issues. All 17 sustainable development goals are very exciting, very interesting - and they should not pass by the business community. We have established a stable dialogue with the authorities on these issues". 

The partnership group for sustainable development is being created with the assistance of the project "Parliament and SDGs" that is financed by UNDP. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs acts as the national executing agency. The partners of the project are the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus and the National Statistical Committee of the Republic of Belarus.

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