The opening ceremony of the energy efficient house took place in Hrodna. The building was designed to consume at least fourfold less thermal energy than any regular new residential house in Belarus.

"I want to thank the United Nations Development Program in Belarus and personally its Resident Representative, Sanaka Samarasinha, for active assistance in the introduction and dissemination of energy efficient technologies across Belarus, - said Anatoly Kalinin, Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus. - We strive for such technologies to become mandatory when constructing new residential building".

The house has been constructed in the frame of “Energy Efficiency in Buildings” project that funded jointly by GEF and UNDP. The project covers the cost of all energy-efficient engineering equipment, which is 18% ($ 950,000) of the house total cost.

The implementation of the project contributes to the fight against climate change. Using renewable energy sources and increasing energy efficiency, the Hrodna house will reduce fuel consumption by almost 10,000 tons in coal equivalent. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions will be about 290 tons of CO²/year.

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