Minsk hosted “Green Cities” project inception workshop.

The project is implemented by UNDP jointly with the GEF and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Belarus. It is aimed at developing of green urban development plans. It will pilot green initiatives on energy efficiency in Navahrudak and sustainable transport in Polack and Navapolack.

Head of Department of the Ministry of Natural Resources Andrei Pilipchuk noted that the project will contribute to the implementation of the Paris Agreement on the climate which was supported by Belarus. “The project will help reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and thus, the comfortable life of the citizens will be promoted by the effective low-carbon technologies introduced by the project”, said Andrei Pilipchuk.
UNDP Programme Officer Igor Tchoulba noted that the project will not solve all city problems, but will show the ways of how to make cities more comfortable for life. “The successful implementation of the project will largely depend on the active and interested participation of residents, as well as on the media, which will tell about its progress and results ", said Igor Tchoulba.

Mandatory public discussions on plans for green urban development will be held within the "Green Cities” project implementation. Local communities will be actively involved in the development of green urban development plans to efficiently adjust the process of urbanization to the needs of people.

The world's best practices of green urban planning will be used while implementing “Green Cities” project in Belarus. Foreign experts presented their vision on green urban development at the inception seminar.
The seminar was attended by John Obrien, Regional Technical Advisor, Climate Change Mitigation, Regional Hub for Europe and CIS, UNDP, Istanbul.

It is assumed that another 10 Belarusian cities that show interest in green urban planning will be able to apply the best practices developed by the project.

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