The Republic of Belarus is a member of the following international organizations:

Regional Organizations in post-Soviet area
Organisation Abbreviation Year of Accession
Commonwealth of Independent States CIS 1991
Union State of Belarus and Russia   1996
Eurasian Economic Union   2003
Collective Security Treaty Organization CSTO 2002
  EU and NATO
Organisation Abbreviation Year of Accession 
European Union EU  
North Atlantic Treaty Organisation NATO  
  International Organisations, Funds and Programmes
Organisation Abbreviation Year of Accession
United Nations UN 1945
UN Development Programme UNDP 1965
UN Environment Programme UNEP 1975
European Economic Commission UN EEC 1947
UN Disarmament Commission   1978
UN Disarmament Conference   1996
United Nations Conference on Trade and Development UNCTAD 1962
United Nations Population Fund UNFPA 1969
United Nations Children's Fund UNICEF 1953
United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation UNSCEAR 2008 
observer status
International Atomic Energy Agency IAEA 1957
International Organisation for Migration IOM 2005
World Trade Organisation WTO 1993
World Customs Organisation WCO 1993
International Sugar Organisation ISO  1993
International Office of Epizootics   1994
International Wheat Council   1993
Organization for Cooperation of Railways   1993
International Organisation for Standardization ISO 1993
Bureau for International Exhibitions BIE 1951
Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons ОPCW 1997
Permanent Court of Arbitration   1962
International Mobile Stallite Organization IMSO 1979
International Telecommunications Satellite Organization INTELSAT 1993
International Organization of Space Communications INTERSPUTNIK 1993
Inter-Parliamentary Union IPU 1995
Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization CTBTO Preparatory Commission 1996
International Federation of Persons with Physical Disability   1991
World Federation of the Deaf   1950
International Military Sports Council  CISM 1993
Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees  UNHCR 1951
Non-Aligned Movement  NAM 1998
International Electrotechnical Commission  IEC 1993
  UN Specialized Agencies
Organisation Abbreviation Year of Accession
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization  UNESCO 1954
World Health Organisation WHO 1946, 1992
World Meteorological Organisation WMO 1948
Food and Agriculture Organization FAO 2005
World Intellectual Property Organization WIPO 1967
International Labour Organization ILO 1954
United Nations Industrial Development Organization UNIDO 1985
Universal Postal Union UPU 1947
International Telecommunication Union ITU 1947
International Civil Aviation Organisation ICAO 1993
International Monetary Fund IMF 1992
World Bank Group:
International Bank for Reconstruction and Development IBRD 1992
International Finance Corporation IFC 1992
Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency MIGA 1992
International Development Association IDA not acceded
International Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes ICSID 1992
  Regional Organisations
Organisation Abbreviation Year of Accession
Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe OSCE 1992
Council of Europe СЕ  
European Bank of Reconstruction and Development EBRD 1992
Council of Euro Atlantic Partnership CEAP 1997
European Broadcasting Union EBU 1993
European Energy Charter EEC 1991
Central European Initiative CEI 1996
Council of the Baltic Sea States   2009, observer status
Shanghai Cooperation Organization SCO 2009,
observer status
Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation BSEC 2005,
observer status
Association of South-East Asian Nations ASEAN 2013
Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of the Association of South-East Asian Nations AIPA 2011, observer status

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