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FAO in Belarus

Food security – making sure people have regular access to enough high–quality food to lead active, healthy lives – is at the heart of all FAO’s efforts.

The Organization’s three main goals are:  eradicating hunger, food insecurity and malnutrition; eliminating poverty and driving forward economic and social progress for all; and sustainably managing and using natural resources – including land, water, air, climate and genetic resources – for the benefit of present and future generations.

In Belarus, FAO technical assistance is focused on policy advice, capacity building, and support for the inclusion of family farms in short, high–quality food value chains.

Currently, FAO is providing technical assistance to improve capacities for eliminating and preventing the recurrence of obsolete pesticides through a joint project (GCP/RER/040/EC) with the European Commission. Through 2016, Belarus will receive strong support to manage its stocks of obsolete pesticides, strengthen capacity to minimize threats from hazardous waste to human health and the environment, and strengthen legislation and develop capacity in the management of pesticide containers.

Emergency assistance is being provided to control African Swine Fever in Belarus, with support to phyto–sanitary services also high on FAO’s technical assistance agenda.

Other focus areas identified within the Country Programming Framework (CPF) for Belarus in 2014–2016:

·        Strengthening forestry policy capacities, to promote and enable sustainable forest management

·        Increasing capacities for adapting to and mitigating climate change, for improved and increased sustainable production, and for preparation of a detailed national plan for coping with the effects of climate change on farm production

·        Introducing innovative production systems for rapeseed culture and bio–fuel production on Chernobyl–affected land – in line with national programme for reducing import of energy resources and energy optimization

·        Improving technical capacities of public sector institutions in the area of pesticide management and phyto–sanitary services 

·        Developing institutional capacities for improved national standards in forest fire management

·        Strengthening food safety system capacities in line with WTO and EU requirements, to ensure sustainable growth in production and trade contributing to public health protection.

FAO Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia.

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