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Launch of #InclusiveBelarus: Leaving No One Behind in achieving the SDGs campaign on the 71st Anniversary of the UN

On October 24 the whole world celebrated the anniversary of the biggest international governmental organization – the United Nations (UN) which this October turned 71.

On the United Nations Day the UN in Belarus held a number of events highlighting two major aspects: the 71st Anniversary of the UN and the launch of #InclusiveBelarus: Leaving No One Behind in achieving the SDGs campaign, both aimed at commemorating the Sustainable Development Goals, inclusion and the work of the UN family in the country.

The day started with planting of the tree dedicated to the UN 71st Anniversary and #InclusiveBelarus campaign. It was planted by Sanaka Samarasinha, UN Resident Coordinator, and Valentin Rybakov, Deputy Foreign Minister of the Republic of Belarus, and by all the invitees who also had a chance to put a shovel into the ground. This tree will now grow near the Loshicky manor in Minsk (Belarus capital) where the tree of peace and sustainable development was planted last year. It has now became both a good tradition and a symbol for the UN and the Government of Belarus signifying strong ties and commitment to work together to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

The day continued with the SDGs exhibition and the #InclusiveBelarus concert that took place at the Small Hall of the Palace of the Republic. The exhibition occupying all the Small Hall lobby area was represented by all the UN resident agencies working in the country, among which you may find UNDP, UNICEF, UNHCR, IOM, WHO and UNAIDS. The exhibition allowed visitors to get a deeper outlook in the activities of the UN agencies in Belarus and ask the agencies’ representatives any information they were interested in. A special room was allocated to showing short 3-minute films about the current burning problems existing in our society and ways to solve themwhich presented a good way for distraction to those wanting a moment of relative quiet. A group of mimes was gliding around gently directing the crowd of almost 800 people to find their way in the rich amount of activities so that nothing could be missed or left out of attention whether it was I am a Migrant exhibition by IOM or HIV testing campaign by UNAIDS.