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Calendar-2012 It Affects Every Woman: UNDP and Belarusian Stars Propose to Unite Efforts against Breast Cancer
30 December 2011 | UNDP
Famous Belarusian women have united for a noble purpose. They participated in a photo session for Calendar-2012 launching an information campaign against breast cancer “It affects every woman”.
Nordic Council of Ministers to sponsor UN Ad Competition on Water
13 December 2011
The United Nations in Brussels, in collaboration with the Nordic Council of Ministers, today launched a European Ad Competition called “The Future We Want – Drop by Drop“, that brings together water, the green economy and Rio+20. The Europe–wide competition is a part of the United Nations´ globa lcampaign called the Future We Want in the lead up to Rio+20: the UN Conference on Sustainable Development, scheduled for 20–22 June 2012.
Human Development Report 2011 presented to the public
09 November 2011 | UNDP
A press-conference on the presentation of the Human Development Report 2011 took place today at the National Press Center of the Republic of Belarus. The HDR is a global analytical publication commissioned by the UN Development Programme and prepared annually by a group of international experts. This year’s report entitled “Sustainability and Equity: A Better Future for All” shows how sustainability is inextricably linked to equity and access to a better quality of life.
Speech by Mr. Antonius Broek, UNDP Resident Representative, at the press conference on the occasion of Human Development Report 2011 presentation
09 November 2011 | UNDP
Dear Deputy Minister of Economy, Dear friends of the media, Ladies and gentlemen, Today I am pleased to present to you the 2011 Human Development Report – an independent annual publication commissioned by the United Nations Development Programme already for the 21st time. As usual, its major purpose is to frame the debates on some of the most pressing challenges facing humanity today.
Wards for HIV-Positive Children Put to Use on United Nations Day
24 October 2011 | UNDP
On the United Nations Day wards for patients living with HIV were put to use after renovation in the Children’s Infectious Diseases Hospital in Minsk. The renovation works were financed by the Project “Prevention and Treatment of HIV/AIDS in the Republic of Belarus – 2” which is implemented by the UN Development Programme in cooperation with the Belarusian Ministry of Health and is supported by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.
UNDP/GEF Project Brings Back a Rare Flower
23 October 2011 | UNDP
On 20 October more than a thousand of sprouts of a rare flower – adenophora lilifolia – were planted in the Republican Biological Reserve “Sporauski” in the Biaroza district of the Brest Region. Planting became the final stage of works on rehabilitation of adenophora lilifolia performed by the staff of the Central Botanic Garden of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus within the framework of UNDP/GEF Project “Catalyzing sustainability of the wetland protected area system in Belarusian Polesie through increased management efficiency and realigned land use practice”. The Zditau secondary school students actively participated in the event.
The Results of the Largest Conference on Energy Efficiency Have Been Summarized
13 October 2011 | UNDP
The Second International Conference “Facilitation and Practical Experience of Attracting Investments in Energy Efficiency Improvements in the Republic of Belarus” was held in Minsk on 13 October within the framework of Belarus Sixteenth Energy and Environment Forum with support from the United Nations Development Programme. About 300 professionals from all regions of Belarus were given the opportunity to compare the experience of Belarus, Russia and Austria in the field of energy saving.
Second Action on Restoration of Fish Population Held at Pripyat
07 October 2011 | UNDP
The second action on releasing more than 700 sterlet babies into the Pripyat river was held on 7 October in the Republican Landscape Reserve “Middle Pripyat” in the Luniniec district (the Brest region). The event was organized by UNDP/GEF joint project “Catalyzing Sustainability of the Wetland Protected Area System in Belarusian Polesie through Increased Management Efficiency and Realigned Land Use Practices” together with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of Belarus. The first public action on stocking the Pripyat river with sterlet fish was held a year ago – on 19 October 2010 – also in the “Middle Pripyat”.
The Valozhyn District is to Become a Center of Eco-Tourism
03 October 2011 | UNDP
The new land management plan of the Valozhyn district provides for conservation of its biological diversity, development of eco-tourism, creation of the republican-level landscape reserve and optimization of its administrative and territorial arrangements.
Rahachou Residents Have Made One More Step Towards Art
29 September 2011 | UNDP
On 23 September the town of Rahachou (the Homiel Region) hosted the official inauguration of the local initiative “Make a step towards art!” implemented within the framework of the UN project “Development of International Chernobyl Research and Information Network (ICRIN)”. With the opening of the exhibition hall in the town center (50, Lenin street) the dream of many artists of the district has come true.
UNHCR announce a contest for the best material in mass media in 2011 devoted to Integration of Refugees in Belarus: Problems and Prospects
20 September 2011
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and International Non–governmental Association for Scientific Research, Information and Educational Programmes “Evolutio" with the support of the Ministry of Information of the Republic of Belarus announce a contest for the best material in mass media in 2011 devoted to “Integration of Refugees in Belarus: Problems and Prospects".
ICT Center Opens in Vietka
16 September 2011 | UNDP
A ceremony of the opening of the Center for Access to Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) established within the framework of the Development of International Chernobyl Research and Information Network (ICRIN) Project was held yesterday in Vietka (the Homiel Region). People living in Vietka and nearby districts can now visit the ICT Center at their convenience and use modern computers offering access to high–speed Internet.
Contest of scholarships for students, candidates for a master's degree, post-graduate students
13 September 2011
Contest of scholarships for students, candidates for a master's degree, post–graduate students
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and International Non–governmental Association for Scientific Research, Information and Educational Programmes «Evolutio» announce contest of research works of students, candidates for a master's degree, postgraduate students «Solution of the problems of refugees and stateless persons: Belarusian and International experience»
First Youth Serial Soon in Belarus
01 August 2011 | UNDP
The first serial about today’s Belarusian young people and today’s Minsk which will present the best Belarusian contemporary music will be soon produced in Belarus. The genre of the serial is dramedy, the format – 8 series, 44 minutes each. The premiere is scheduled for February 14, 2012.
World Investment Report 2011 launched in Minsk
27 July 2011
On 27 July the National press–center hosted a presentation of the World Investment Report 2011 which was organized by the UN Office in Minsk in partnership with the Ministry of Economy of Belarus. The presentation attended more than 30 media representatives including TV, print and electronic media.
Belarusian Farmers Visited French Counterparts With a Study Tour
14 July 2011 | UNDP
In early July livestock breeders and technologists from the Slaŭharad district visited the suburbs of Lyons (the Rhone–Alps region) with a study tour entitled “Dairy production in France”. During a week they studied local practices of cow breeding, fodder production, cheese making and distribution.
World Refugee Day marked in Belarus
23 June 2011
On June 17, 2011, concert devoted to the World Refugee Day took place in the “House of Moscow” in Minsk. Organizers of the event were the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Office in Belarus and the Center for Children and Adolescents “Evrika”. During the concert the awarding ceremony of the winners of the contest of children’s art works “We are different — We are equal”.
UNHCR global campaign "Do 1 Thing"
17 June 2011
In the framework of the global campaign "Do 1 Thing" the UNHCR Office in Republic of Belarus has prepared a poster for World Refugee Day (June 20). The campaign will carry the message that "One Refugee Without Hope is too Many."
UN Human Rights Council Condemns Election-Related Violence
17 June 2011 | UNDP
The United Nations Human Rights Council today voted to condemn human rights violations before, during and after the presidential elections in Belarus late last year and urged the Government to end what it described as the “persecution” of opposition leaders.
Future of AIDS response focus of UN General Assembly High Level Meeting
07 June 2011 | UNAIDS
More than 3000 people will come together at the United Nations in New York tomorrow for the UN General Assembly High Level Meeting on AIDS. The meeting, which runs from 8–10 June, will provide an opportunity to take stock of the progress and challenges of the last 30 years and shape the future AIDS response.
Opening of the Exhibition of childrens art works We are different We are equal
07 June 2011
On the eve of the World Refugee Day which is celebrated in Belarus for the 11th time, UNHCR in cooperation with the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus and the Center for Children and Adolescents «Evrika» organized and carried out competition of children’s art works “We are different — We are equal”. The implementer of this activity is the Center for Children and Adolescents «Evrika», which for several years has been engaged in its preparation, organization and conduction.
Speech by Mr. Antonius Broek, UNDP Resident Representative, dedicated to the World Environment Day
05 June 2011 | UNDP
Dear Mr. Tsalko, Deputy Ministers of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, Chairpersons of the Regional and City Environmental Committees, ladies and gentleman! First of all allow me to thank you cordially for the possibility to join the Ministry of Environment to celebrate today this very important UN occasion – the World Environment Day 2011, which celebrates its 11th Anniversary this Sunday.
Timely Commitment from Top Leadership at AIDS Meeting
01 June 2011 | UNAIDS
New York/Geneva, 31 May 2011—As the AIDS response reaches a critical turning point, world leaders are showing renewed commitment to AIDS as more than 30 Heads of State and Government and Vice Presidents are expected to convene at next week’s UN General Assembly High Level Meeting on AIDS. The top level support is coming at a decisive moment in the AIDS response as more people than ever before are living with HIV but international funding for AIDS is seen to be declining.
Nature Conservation Action Held on the Eve of the International Day for Biodiversity
22 May 2011 | UNDP
A nature conservation action was held on 19 May in the Valožin district within the framework of UNDP/GEF project “Mainstreaming Biodiversity Conservation into Territorial Planning Policies and Practices”. The action was dedicated to the International Day for Biological Diversity which is observed every year on 22 May.
Workshop on Human Rights Education Took Place in Brest
18 May 2011
On May 18 Brest State University hosted an interuniversity scientific–methodical seminar “Modernization of human rights education. Human rights: understanding and role in society of today”. In course of the seminar the participants discussed topical issues directly connected with the World Programme for Human Rights Education (2010–2014), namely facilitation of culture of human rights and common understanding of basic principles and methods of human rights education with regard to international documents.
Brest onducts a reative ontest Dedicated to Forests
17 May 2011
On May 17 Brest hosts an award ceremony for the winners of the creative works contest held among the young students of the region and dedicated to the International Year of Forest. The participants of the contest included students of secondary schools, gymnasiums, lyceums and vocational schools, submitting more than 70 works.
UNECE Launches the Publication "Innovation Performance Review of Belarus"
17 May 2011
Geneva, 17 May 2011 — The UNECE publication Innovation Performance Review of Belarus which just came out of print was presented at the fourth session of the UNECE Team of Specialists on Innovation and Competitiveness Policies, Geneva, 12–13 May 2011. The participatory policy advisory service behind this publication was carried out by a group of international experts and experts from the UNECE secretariat in close cooperation with the national authorities and local experts, responding to a request by the Government of the Republic of Belarus.
Report on Trade Policy Influence on Human Development Presented to the Audience
29 April 2011 | UNDP

The Report “Belarus: The Human Development Implications of Trade Policy” prepared by the UNDP Regional Project “Wider Europe: Aid for Trade for Central Asia, South Caucasus and Western CIS” with financial support from the Foreign Ministry of Finland has been presented today in Minsk.
Statement by Mr. Antonius Broek, UN Resident Coordinator/ UNDP Resident Representative, at the launch of the report Belarus: the human development implications of trade policy
29 April 2011 | UNDP
Dear Mr Deputy Minister, Distinguished participants, Dear colleagues, I am pleased to welcome you at the launch of the National report titled “BELARUS: THE HUMAN DEVELOPMENT IMPLICATIONS OF TRADE POLICY”. It was prepared by a team of Belarusian economists Irina Tochitskaya and Dmitry Kruk – in cooperation with advisors of the UNDP Regional Center for Europe and CIS in Bratislava.
Memo for Asylum Seekers Released
26 April 2011
In the framework of the joint EU—UNHCR project «Strengthening Protection Capacity in the Republic of Belarus — phase II» «Memo for Asylum Seekers» came out. The Memo gives information on how a foreigner can claim refugee status or subsidiary protection in the Republic of Belarus and on where one should apply to be recognizes as a refugee in the Republic of Belarus.
On International Mother Earth Day UNDP Projects Planted Trees and Rescued Amphibia
25 April 2011 | UNDP
Two nature conservation events supported by UN/UNDP Office in Belarus were organized on International Mother Earth Day which is celebrated worldwide on 22 April. Long-lived trees were planted in the Kletsk district of the Minsk Region upon initiative of the Ministry of Forestry of Belarus. The event was attended by senior officials of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, UN Office staff and representatives of the Kletsk District Executive Committee and the Kletsk Forestry Administration Unit.
UNDP Goodwill Ambassador Maria Sharapova marks Chernobyl anniversary with a message of hope
22 April 2011 | UNDP
In a global online video address published in advance of the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, Russian tennis star Maria Sharapova expresses her solidarity with hundreds of thousands of people who were uprooted from their homes surrounding the site.
A New Forest Planted in Kleck District on International Mother Earth Day
20 April 2011
On International Mother Earth Day — April 22, 2011 — an event featuring the planting of valuable tree species took place on the premises of the Kleck Forest Farm (in the Kleck District of the Minsk Region). The environmental event featuring the planting of young oaks and larch–trees was taking place within the framework of the National Forest Week 2011 and the International Year of Forests that has been announced by the United Nations Organization.
UN Experts: Socio-economic recovery of Chernobyl-affected areas requires regular governmental interventions
20 April 2011 | UNDP
April 19, 2011 – Kyiv – During the workshop "Life in the Chernobyl–affected Areas: Outlook into the Future" organised by the UN International Chernobyl Research and Information Network (ICRIN) experts of four UN agencies: the IAEA, UNDP, UNICEF, WHO and the UN Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation have informed about the current state of the Chernobyl–affected areas in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine.
Security Council Press Statement on Minsk Bombing
13 April 2011
The members of the Security Council condemned in the strongest terms the apparent terrorist attack that occurred in Minsk, Republic of Belarus, on 11 April 2011, causing numerous deaths and injuries.  They expressed their deep sympathy and condolences to the victims of this heinous act and to their families, and to the people and Government of the Republic of Belarus.
Eastern European Countries Meet in Minsk to Exchange Experience on Common Challenges and Solutions on Water and Health Issues
07 April 2011
Facilitating exchange of countries’ experiences on the regulatory, institutional and technical aspects connected with the implementation of the Protocol on Water and Health to the Convention on the Protection and Use of Transboundary Watercourses and International Lakes is the key objective of the workshop organized on 5 and 6 April in Minsk.
Taking Stock of Energy Marathon 2010
04 April 2011 | UNDP
The fourth national contest of school projects dedicated to energy saving and thrift – Energy Marathon 2010 – has drawn to a close. Its final phase took place in Homiel on March 31 – April 1, 2011. The contest organizers were the Department of Energy Efficiency under the State Standardization Committee, the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus, and the Homiel Region Executive Committee. For the second year in a row, the contest took place with support from the UNDP/GEF Project “Removing barriers to energy efficiency improvements in the state sector in Belarus.”
UN Secretary-General outlines new recommendations to reach 2015 goals for AIDS response
31 March 2011 | UNAIDS
NAIROBI, 31 March 2011—Thirty years into the AIDS epidemic, investments in the AIDS response are yielding results, according to a new report released today by United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. Titled Uniting for universal access: towards zero new HIV infections, zero discrimination and zero AIDS-related deaths, the report highlights that the global rate of new HIV infections is declining, treatment access is expanding and the world has made significant strides in reducing HIV transmission from mother to child. 
Regional Report on Business Solutions to the Problem of Poverty Presented in Belarus
01 March 2011 | UNDP
A presentation of the UNDP Regional Report on “Business Solutions to Poverty” took place today at the National Press Center. Inclusive business models presume involvement of people in need as employees, manufacturers and entrepreneurs from the supply side as well as consumers or clients from the demand side. Such models provide for arranging mutually beneficial contacts and relations between businesses and poor people.
The First Resource Center for Specialists on Drug Abuse Treatment Opens in the Country
09 February 2011 | UNDP
The opening of a new resource center for specialists who work in the field of drug use prevention and treatment has taken place today at the Minsk Region Narcological Dispensary as part of a grant provided by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria and implemented by the UNDP. A substitution therapy office has already been in operation on the premises of the regional narcological dispensary as part of the grant, where approximately 50 patients have been receiving substitution therapy to mitigate the risk of HIV infection, and a social support office has been in operation as well.
WHO mission to visit Belarus
04 February 2011
The WHO mission on assessment of collaboration between TB and HIV programs will be carried out from the 8 to 11 of February 2011 in Minsk. Mission will be conducted by Dr. Alberto Matteelli, WHO consultant on TB / HIV collaboration programs. The main aims of the mission are to assess current level of collaboration between both HIV and TB control programs and to provide recommendations for improvement in accordance with the recent WHO recommendations.
Belarus: Ban again calls on Government to release detainees
01 February 2011
Voicing concern at reports of harassment of political opponents in Belarus, Secretary–General Ban Ki–moon today reiterated his call for the release of journalists, opposition candidates and their supporters detained after recent presidential elections. “The Secretary–General continues to call for respect for the rule of law, democratic principles and protection of human rights in Belarus,” spokesman Farhan Haq told a news briefing in New York.
International Holocaust Remembrance Day is Commemorated in Belarus
28 January 2011
On 27 January the commemorative ceremony dedicated to the International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust took place in the National Museum of Great Patriotic War. The event was organized jointly by the UN office in Minsk (UNO) and Belarusian National Fund “Holocaust”. The UN Resident Coordinator in Belarus Antonius Broek, Israeli Ambassador in Belarus Edward Shapiro and representative of the US Embassy in Belarus Anton Cooper spoke at the ceremony.
Summing up the contest for students on refugee protection
21 January 2011
The results of the contest of the works of students, candidates for a master's degree, post–graduate students “Protection of the Rights of Refugees and Stateless Persons and Formation of a Tolerant Attitude towards them”, which was held in September—November 2010 by United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and International Non–governmental Association for Scientific Research, Information and Educational Programmes “Evolutio”, have been summed up.
Ban calls on Belarus to release detained journalists and opposition leaders
11 January 2011
Secretary–General Ban Ki–moon today called for the release of journalists, opposition candidates and their supporters who continue to be detained in Belarus following recent presidential elections. Mr. Ban noted the serious concerns voiced by observer groups regarding the electoral process and post–electoral developments and called on the Government to observe fully human rights and due process, spokesperson Martin Nesirky told a news conference in New York.


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