UN in Belarus:

United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) for the Republic of Belarus for 2016-2020 is the first joint strategy of the UN organizations acting in Belarus. This UNDAF has been prepared by the United Nations Country Team in Belarus in consultation with the Government of the Republic of Belarus and other national and international partners, with the aim of improving the lives of the people of Belarus.

The UNDAF focuses on five strategic areas within the mandate of the UN in order to most effectively respond to key national priorities. These areas will set the direction and scope of action of the UN development assistance to Belarus over the next five years:

  • Sustainable social and economic development;
  • National health care system;
  • Environmental sustainability;
  • National migration management in line with international standards;
  • National governance system

The UNDAF supports the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals and it is symbolic that the period covered by the UNDAF coincides with the remaining timeframe for achieving the MDGs. While most of the MDGs have already been achieved in Belarus, more attention should now be given to

further enhance the quality of the results and sustainability of the country progress. Both men and women, the rural and urban population should equally benefit from the successful realization of the UNDAF. This will require more intensive dialogue and interaction between the government and all layers of the society.

Full version of UNDAF

Financial resources for the UNDAF realization in 2016-2017