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Minsk Hosts International Conference on Cooperation
28 January 2015
On January 29, 2015, Minsk will host the international conference “Strengthening Belarus–UN Development Cooperation:  Results, New Perspectives and Emerging Opportunities” organized jointly by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus and the United Nations in Belarus.  The conference will be attended by all stakeholders involved in the implementation of International Development Assistance (IDA) to Belarus, i.e., representatives of the Belarusian government and government agencies, non–governmental organizations, the private sector, academia and faith–based organizations as well as 21 UN agencies and 10 foreign development partners, including traditional and emerging donors.
Call for contributions to the UN Global Sustainable Development Report 2015
12 January 2015
With the establishment of the UN High–level Political Forum (HLPF) in 2012, Governments have created — for the first time — an entry point for scientists across the world to be heard at the highest levels of the United Nations — the General Assembly. Scientists and researchers are invited to provide inputs for the 2015 edition of the Global Sustainable Development Report, which will be presented to the HLPF, by 20 January 2015. They are invited to submit briefs that highlight research findings or solutions relating to sustainable development. One chapter of the 2015 Report will be dedicated to these contributions.This is your unique opportunity to bring scientific issues to the attention of policy makers! Do not miss it!
UN Staff in Belarus Helps to Give Ebola Orphans a Happy Christmas
05 January 2015
UN staff in Belarus joined with UNDP Liberia to raise money to hold fourteen Christmas parties for children orphaned by ebola in the hardest hit areas of Liberia. Resident Coordinator for the UN in Belarus, Sanaka Samarasinha, was recently in Liberia to help with the ebola response, and during his visit he met hundreds of orphaned children. Resident Coordinator for the UN in Belarus, Sanaka Samarasinha, was recently in Liberia to help with the ebola response, and during his visit he met hundreds of orphaned children.
Results of Competition of Student Essays on Human Rights Announced
10 December 2014
The competition of creative essays on human rights, launched by the UN Resident Coordinator’s Office in Belarus, the Council of Europe Information Point in Belarus and the Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law for students of higher educational institutions in Belarus, has finished.

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 UN news in the world 
International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust
26 January 2015
Secretary–General's Message for 2015
Seventy years ago today, allied forces liberated Auschwitz Birkenau, the German Nazi Concentration and Extermination Camp. More than a million inmates, primarily Jews, were brutally and systematically killed in the place where the Nazis introduced the monstrous concept of “industrialized murder”.  Among the other victims were non–Jewish Poles, political prisoners, Soviet prisoners of war, Sinti and Roma, homosexuals, disabled persons and Jehovah’s witnesses.
UN envoy describes sense of self-confidence among those battling Ebola outbreak
16 January 2015
The United Nations Special Envoy on Ebola today described a growing feeling of confidence among those responding to the outbreak in West Africa, but he warned that there is an absolute need to maintain focus, vigilance and discipline to ensure that the disease is wiped out.
2015 can and must be time for global action, Ban declares, briefing UN Assembly on years priorities
09 January 2015
Secretary–General Ban Ki–moon looked forward to a “year of opportunity,” as he briefed the 193–Member United Nations General Assembly on his priorities for 2015, and called for transformative global action that would ensure sustainable development and human dignity for all. “2015 is a chance for major advances across the three inter–connected pillars of our work: development, peace and human rights,” he said during an informal meeting of the Assembly, praising Member States’ work to build a new development agenda, including a set of sustainable development goals.
Secretary-General remarks during visit to UN Correspondents Association
08 January 2015

Thank you Mr. Pioli. Good morning everyone of the members of UNCA. It’s a great pleasure to see you and Happy New Year to you all, your families and your companies. In fact, I had planned to exchange New Year’s greetings with you all together at the beginning of the New Year – but as you all understand, today a very terrible terrorist attack has happened. So I’d like to say a few words firstly, before I begin to say something.
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